Dr George Stylian Osteopath

After graduating in 1980, George returned to Sydney from London and started private practice and teaching undergraduate Osteopathy. 

George has been practising Osteopathy for more than 34 years specialising in all aspects of Osteopathic practice including Osteopathic Paediatrics. George uses a variety of gentle osteopathic approaches that helps release strains in the body and to allow the body's own potential to resolve the body’s traumas, stress and strains. These benefits can be achieved with very little risk of trauma to patients, both young and old. The benefits are longer lasting and in many cases permanent. The body is given a guiding hand to help it resolve the physical patterns that are formed by injury, disease and trauma.

George's qualifications in other modalities complement his osteopathic treatments, such as nutritional and dietary advice and good quality herbal and nutritional supplementation.

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Dr Vivian Pott Osteopath

Dr Vivian Pott, Osteopath holds a Masters of Osteopathy.

“Having grown up surrounded by nature I always felt a connection to the natural elements. Running provided me with a kind of “moving meditation” through these elements. I competed at an international level for cross country, triathlon and mountain running. However I was plagued by frustrating, humbling and unresolved injuries…so my search for deeper answers began!

I studied and worked as a Musculoskeletal Therapist for several years before diving deeper into the journey of Osteopathic study. By the nature of my own healing and study I was directed into a deeper dive into myself and my own inner workings. 

Through this journey I have come out the other side with the compassion that comes from experiencing some hard times and the ability to sit with people who may be also going through passages of pain in their own life”

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Cole Clayton Health Coach for Kids

Cole holds a Masters Degree in Health (Clinical Rehabilitation) has an interest in helping kids and their parents understand the importance of breathing and how lip and tongue position can influence the growth of the skull and face. His programs in breathing and orofacial myology ("Face Gym") compliment cranial osteopathic treatment and are effective in gently encouraging and guiding kids toward health.

Many parents are surprised to learn how much breathing and the position of the lips, face and tongue influence a child's health and how symptoms such as irritability, restless sleep and poor concentration can often be traced back to the breath. 

Cole is currently studying Osteopathy at Southern Cross University.