Dr George Stylian Osteopath

After graduating in 1980, George returned to Sydney from London and started private practice and teaching undergraduate Osteopathy. 

George has been practising Osteopathy for more than 34 years specialising in all aspects of Osteopathic practice including Osteopathic Paediatrics. George uses a variety of gentle osteopathic approaches that helps release strains in the body and to allow the body's own potential to resolve the body’s traumas, stress and strains. These benefits can be achieved with very little risk of trauma to patients, both young and old. The benefits are longer lasting and in many cases permanent. The body is given a guiding hand to help it resolve the physical patterns that are formed by injury, disease and trauma.

George's qualifications in other modalities complement his osteopathic treatments, such as nutritional and dietary advice and good quality herbal and nutritional supplementation.


Dr Josh Livas osteopath

Having grown up on the north coast, Josh has a strong appreciation for the holistic nature of health, sparking a passion for body work six years ago after experiencing the health benefits firsthand. 

Josh completed his studies in osteopathic medicine from Southern Cross University, graduating with a double degree and master's. During this time Josh has completed further study the effects of breathing has on postural integrity, neck and back pain. Including a thorough understanding of the psychosomatic aspects of dysfunctional breathing in relation to stress and anxiety, Josh provides a holistic and patient centred treatment. 

His treatments are a combined approach of structural techniques and Osteopathy in the cranial field, utilising a gentler approach for significant change.
Josh is happy to support the whole family's health with experience in all age ranges.


Choppy Somjee Remedial Massage Therapist

Choppy is a registered massage therapist who’s therapeutic approach to the rehabilitation of sport injuries is based on the understanding that the body possesses an innate self-healing system. He utilises a variety of different manual therapy techniques to allow the body to support its own healing.

He holds an undergraduate degree in biomedical physiology and combines this with his background in strength and conditioning to safely and effectively prescribe individualised exercise rehabilitation strategies. 

He is passionate about transitioning you from the treatment room to your natural training and playing environment. Choppy works with both competitive athletes and anyone wishing to improve their mobility and function. 

Choppy remains a student for life and continues to explore the science of the body’s capacity to perform and heal. He is currently  completing his Masters in Osteopathic Medicine.