Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine that recognises the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. Osteopathic philosophy works on the following principles;

  • The body is an integral unit - mind, body and spirit
  • The different parts of the body (structure) and how they work (function) are interdependent and interrelated
  • The body is self-regulating and self-healing in the face of disease
  • Proper function of the body is dependent on the unimpeded supply of the body's fluids and in the expression of the nerves



Breathing and Myo Functional Therapy 

Breathing retraining and Myo Functional Therapy (Face Gym) seek to address symptoms and associated imbalances in the muscles of the lips, face, tongue and respiratory system.

By addressing these areas in order of priority the body can have the potential for a far-greater self regulation due to the fact that many essential processes and functions are driven by breathing and tongue resting posture.

Cole Clayton runs breathing and Face Gym programs for kids and their parents from Bay Osteopathy in Byron Bay.

Using skilled evaluation we use a range of screening techniques including orthopaedic tests to properly diagnose the problem. The techniques utilised in the treatment will be dependant on the diagnosis and could include any of the following hands on methods and include:

  • Stretching 
  • Massage 
  • Muscle energy technique 
  • Mobilisation of specific joints 
  • Articulation 
  • Balancing tension within the ligaments, 
  • Cranial osteopathy 
  • Functional technique 
  • Proprioceptive insoles
  • Natural herbs 

We aim to deliver you to a point in which you can self manage and we can assist you in maintaining your optimal health and happiness!


Seminar Room

We have a 30m2 space that can be used for seminars and small workshops (limited weekend availability).

Contact us to enquire.